Recent New Items
This is a few pictures of my last few items made the first one was made and despatched in January 2018,
and the others were from towards the end of 2017

2018 First dispatch
There were actually 5 items despatched, 2 were Piglet room names, the other was for Rosie, Asher and Yoda were for a customer who had ordered a Peppa Pig, just before christmas,
and the little girls Brother wanted one him self, so got this one ordered, customer sent it onvards to Canada!
Both coasters were ordered just before christmas but were not made until January 2018.

Picture 1
The door plaques were made in the middle of the year cost is 10 each, book mark was a specific request at 3.50, its now a standard item on the table.
Picture 2
The bookmarks for the end of term year, cast 6 for the pair, Coaster also 6 was another special request 3 more sold throughout 2017
Picture 3
Again 3 more special coaster request's, the middle one for Barnwood bowling club was very quickly made for someone very ill,
and who has since passed away, his son now has it as a reminder of his father all coasters are 6 each,
Room name was a special request and I still dont know what the picture means!

If you would like something specific made then contact me on 01684 274853

Or email me at the following address

All emails will be answered as soon as posible regards Mike_K

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